Gratitude is the Medicine for Virtually Anything

Posted by Miguel Barrera

Excerpt from Donny’s Thanksgiving Message.

I invite you to join me (this Thanksgiving) in being grateful for nothing. Do you say nothing, Donnie? Yes, I did. There’s actually not anything that I am grateful for right now. And I have a smile. How is that possible? Gratitude is the medicine for virtually anything. And gratitude is never about a thing. It’s never really about an accomplishment. It’s about the connection to people and how it uplifts them.

What does it take to get more resources? And you feel like you’re not having enough? Well, you are not enough because you do not have enough things. Where does it get to be more resourceful? Is it loss of things to finally realize how hungry you are? How humbled you are? To realize there is so much more? Or do you just choose resourcefulness? By seeing the gap between where you are now and where you must be. “But I feel like I am not enough”. Be grateful for that because you are not. Compared to what or whom? None of us are enough for what we have been made for, specially in today’s world. And that is where the gratitude starts, from our humility.

What is enough? The space between us, helping others. Being grateful for everything you have now is because someone else sacrificed to pave the path for you. And who will stand on your shoulders?

Yes, resourcefulness is one of the greatest gifts. I am grateful for the ability to have a conscious choice and to choose, to be miserable or not, to be grateful or not. What I am grateful for. The attitude of gratitude -now that is something that is a nothing to be grateful for; as is love, as is the interaction between you and others.

And as is the promise of the incarnation and the calling of your legacy, now that is nothing to be grateful for and it is everything to say thank you for. I thank you for being in my life, for being in yours. The impact we have had and will have and do have with one another. And how we could actually be active participants in the greatest revolution in the evolution and renaissance of humanity. Thank you for the love.

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