Donny Epstein playfully and magically helps us to access the data stream that the mind interprets as reality by providing maps and ways to experience, understand and upgrade the energetics of our lives.

Donny’s human performance technologies impact all domains of life from expanded models of the energetics of healing to relationships and intimacy, business and finance- and individuals bringing the gifts of their being to the world.,  

Challenging and continuing to evolve his initial professional training as a Doctor of Chiropractic, he has merged the physical and spiritual qualities of healing and living. When teaching his Network Care method in 1987, he went ‘public’ with the introduction of a unique spinal wave. This wave was accompanied by unparalleled reorganizational capacities for information and energy utilization, personal transformation and expanded consciousness.

In 1995, Donny launched through the University of California, the largest self-assessment study of health-related quality of life changes reported by health care patients. This demonstrated the importance of self-awareness, conscious healthy choices, and social and spiritual wellness in an expanded model of healing. He developed the 12 Stages of Healing model- a body, breath, awareness and energetic practice that accesses the full range of human consciousness.

Over the past three decades the properties of the unique “Network Wave’ have been studied by leading universities. Revolutionary articles have been published on its self-organizing properties and as well, hundreds of references made in academic journals to its mathematical properties. This self-evolving wave, an identifier for each individual, enhances spinal and central nervous system learning and the upgrading of the human OS. In addition, it has been shown to create coherence at a distance in central nervous systems. Donny’s present research, teachings and applications involve the energetics of how individuals and systems change and add more value to one another.

He has continued to pioneer an expanded model of healing and living- including the impact of coherence in the central nervous system, the biofield around the body and developing personal tools based upon these principles. His obsession and mastery of the relationship between our energy and information field, the body, mind and forces of manifestation has led him on the path to what he recently introduced as EpiEnergetics.

EpiEnergetics, is the current evolution of all his systems, theories and practices. When a source of energy is brought to a living system it effortlessly and spontaneously self-organizes the body, mind, spirit, energy field- and the world.  Since we see the world not as it is, but as we are, his life has been dedicated to understanding who and what we are and how we can instantly be more of the change that the present and future of humanity requires.

Donny has recognized the unique qualities of a genre of people he calls “Seekers”. These individuals know there is more than the ordinary experience and require access to immaterial qualities to constructively, ecologically, and unreasonably impact one another and the world.

In his 5th book, The Seeker’s Code, Your Access to the Unreasonable and Extraordinary, Donny elegantly deciphers the codes of the relationship between the fundamental fields of information and energy that determine and influence the human experience. He shares ways of harnessing the self-organizing intelligences of life (Creation’s Codes) making them effortlessly available for us to more effectively transmit our unique energetic signals for manifestation and impact in the world.

In addition to having written four prior books, co-authored groundbreaking academic articles, personally attended to hundreds of thousands of individuals both privately and at his transformational experiences, he has trained thousands of doctors, students and lay people in his different methods. His newest gift has been the introduction of coursework called AlchemE and the training of new guides called AlchemE Mentors who offer personal services to upgrade the human experience and energetic field.

Praised as a genius and outrageous cultural creative by individuals such as Tony Robbins and Ken Wilber, he is sought out by celebrities, politicians, CEOs, thought leaders, professional athletes and others seeking the extraordinary… for more than just themselves.

Referred to by many as an energy master, an oracle, an avatar, he is a true guide to a novel way of being, experiencing and impacting one another. His models and applications influencing the physical, emotional, mental, social, political, economic, and environmental systems have developed to provide a map for the largest change in history, a shift to different energetics running the show! The Seeker’s Code is envisioned to be a guide to this new reality,

Dozens of authors, both academic and popular, have referenced or written about elements of his work over the past decades. An in demand, entertaining and charismatic public presenter, Donny’s scope of knowledge, love and humor engages professional and lay audiences alike, awakening them to a raw, real and beautiful way.

When not traveling the world in service to this vision, Donny and his wife Jackie are blessed to share special times with their family – including their four children and nine grandchildren. They call “wherever they are together,” their home.